homeless youth stories
are our stories

As part of our national call to end youth homelessness in Australia, A Way Home Australia is launching a series of stories to amplify the voices of young people who have experienced homelessness.

I have left [several homeless services] because they keep misgendering me even though I’ve told them a hundred times that “this is my identity. please, respect it.” And, there’s one refuge where I was in; they put me into a male’s room because that was all there was available. I was fine with that, but they told me how to dress, they told me how to identify and that’s just something you shouldn’t do especially to young trans women who’s homeless.

– Queenie

One of the good things about being trans is [that] the people who tend to be more friendly or like you are often more genuine…Like when youre trans, typically the people you know are always going to be quite good people, and I think it helps a lot. I find that one of the things that’s brought me success is that I happen to know the right people.


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